Life Insurance

Call us to set a time to meet and discuss the possibilities of buying Life Insurance protection for your family or your business partners. We can also send you quotes, via e-mail, if you cannot meet with us in person. We back up the sale with customer service. You will always have a person to talk with when you have a question or a concern.

We offer several different life insurance policy options: term insurance, whole life insurance, variable universal life insurance and guaranteed issue life insurance.

Term Insurance

We check through our sources with hundreds of insurance companies to make sure you are getting a reasonable rate with a quality company. We prefer speaking with you and doing a quick evaluation to make sure you are not buying too much or too little insurance and to help you determine the length of the term policy to fit your needs.

Whole Life Insurance

Are you looking for a policy that will build cash value and have a more permanent nature than Term Insurance? This is the policy your grandparents purchased. No defined term, no variable investments, rather guaranteed interest rates, and yet the dividends can be increased by the company on your behalf. If you like "safe and secure" this may be the policy for you.

Permanent Life insurance also allows you to take loans against the cash value of your policy, however be aware; if you don't pay them back with interest, your beneficiaries will receive a reduced death benefit.

Variable Universal Life Insurance (V.U.L.)

This option offers greater flexibility than whole or term life. For more details, ask us about a prospectus.